when your parents try to give you fashion adviceimage

are you guys for real or is it just a joke

lmdsafo its a joke smfh why is she so obsessed with me

treasureyous: "oops forgot anon again oops"


treasureyous: "hate ur fugly guts slut"

Anonymous: "bitch"

Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, you should be smiling!

“Bruno, four years old, he’s standing backstage and he looks at me. He goes, “How long you been in show business?”
“Two/three days”
“I’ve been here two years”
And he turns around, walks away. I was like, you little shit!” — Bobby Brooks Wilson recalling his first encounter with Bruno Mars, a young Elvis impersonator in Hawaii’s The Love Note Show. (via rhapsodyincolour)


nicoandvinz: We’ve put out our first vlog episode! A little recap from the Moonshine Jungle tour with @brunomars Search it up on youtube or go to our facebook page (nicoandvinz) to see it! #amiwrong #blackstarelephant #vlog#episode


Normal people’s terms of endearment

- Darling
- Honey
- Sweetie
- Baby
- Sugar
- Cutie
- Sweetheart
- Angel
- Pumpkin

Bruno Mars’s terms of endearment

- Baby Squirrel
- Eager Young Bunny
- Dirty Little Lover
- Golden Star
- Little Miss Perfect
- Pretty Little Thing
- Sexy Motherfucker
- Bright-eyed Honey
- Treasure

Anonymous: "LOOOOOL I h8 u :( <3 pls why u gotta do this?"

why you gotta ask that kind of questions :(

Anonymous: "In reference to your last post... why does the cat gotta be a boy? Fml this is sexism thats what it is. y do u hate women pls."