Drake impersonates Jay-Z on Saturday Night Live


*breaks into bruno’s dressing room* yo, u wanna doo-wop this hooligan



i dont know how to feel about this 😡

When I see things like this it makes me lose respect for them and wonder why the hell I still like them, they really need to start treating their fans well otherwise they’re gonna lose them

today’s been great. i heard the other side, moonshine and blow at the mall, had lots of ice cream, ate unusual pancakes and drank insanely good coffee. im lITERALLAY LIKE

Anonymous: "So.. you're an August baby or September baby?xoxo"

september :)

Anonymous: "is your birthday tomorrow ?! xoxox"

in a week :)

Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

the bruno mars challenge: (1/5) favorite lyrics: Money Make Her Smile

the bruno mars challenge: (1/3) funny moments: KTU Mornings with Cubby & Cindy

♥ they’re such amazing girlfriends ♥

i’ve prepared delicious food, lit candles, brushed my hair 100 times and made my bed so i can lay comfortably watching romantic movies ♥ here we go